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Shelf-Life Magazine Off-License of the Year Award 2022

An Eclectic Range of Beers, Wines, Spirits & More

off licence store
Kellys Off licence Mountain Top, Letterkenny
wine at our off licence in Letterkenny

The Cellar Off-Licence, Mountain top, Letterkenny

The Cellar Off-Licence launched in March 2020 has established itself as one of the most visited off-licences in the North West.

Nestled in the corner of Kelly’s Centra, Mountain Top, close to Letterkenny Hospital, The Cellar Off-Licence has an eclectic range of wines, spirits, beers and more. It’s own vibrant personality is an enticing street to lead customer’s to an intimate shopping experience.

With the use of exposed brick, subtle lighting and soft industrial feel the first impression, will be a lasting one.

A visual odyssey has been created, to take you on an invigorating journey.

Our Location